Welcome to Alberta's grasslands. This vast land with it's interesting landforms, vegetation and wildlife is located in southern Alberta. This blog will be used to investigate the unique features of this region. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with students from other schools in our district.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Bodies of Water

This Dam is on the Bow River west of Calgary. There is great canoeing & sailing on the other side of the dam.

A panoramic view of the badlands, taken near Drumheller. If you look carefully you can see the Red Deer River in the background.

What are the main bodies of water in this region?

The main bodies of water are the Red Deer, Milk, Oldman, Bow and Elbow Rivers.

Why is water important?

Water is important in the region because it is used for drinking, for irrigating crops, to create hydro-electric power, and for recreational activities.

Water has been important in the region throughout history. The First Nations people fished and used the rivers for travel. The first Europeans built their homes along the rivers using them as highways to transport goods and well as provide for the basic needs of themselves, and their livestock and crops.

How is water provided? (natural and man made)
Water is provided by the the rivers. The area can be very dry. Water has been redirected from rivers using dams, ditches and canals. Farmers supply their crops with water by using irrigation systems (sprinklers) connected to the rivers, ditches, and canals.


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